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What inspired me to start writing my first post today

Today, in the morning, when I was enjoying my cup of tea and checking my Facebook account , I saw a ‘join successful women’s entrepreneurs’ displaying an image of a women wearing business suit. Suddenly, a thought came in my mind that why am I wasting my time in such an activity? Women’s are doing great job and immediately I started comparing myself with these women entrepreneurs in my thoughts. I thought, how these women’s manage their home and business simultaneously. What made them so energetic and active all the time? If they can do so much than why can’t I?… Am I not capable enough?…Do I lack skills or they have some supernatural powers?…. Why am I not like them….blah…blah….blah!!!….


This is my very first post and would like to share with you that what inspired me to start writing today.


However, being a women, how can I digest that I am not capable enough and they are. Then, I started convincing myself in my thoughts that I am in no way less than these women’s. I manage my home and organize it properly. I take good care of my kids and husband. Apart from all household responsibilities, I did tarot reading and even earned money working online as a freelancer. Then, what else I want. Why am I feeling so surpassed? Suddenly, a door bell interrupted my thoughts and there was a milkman on a door. Then after, I started doing my regular household activities. But I was constantly thinking what’s the problem?  What else I always want to do? Out of the blue, a thought came in my mind that I am not giving enough time in what I love to do. I questioned myself, what is my passion? What I always wanted to do? To answer so many questions, I gave myself some time and space to get away from the noise, the media, and the cellphone. Took few hours from my busy daily routine hours and moved away from anything that distracts me from contemplating my life and where I want it to go. I did self-talk, for utter peace. Since money is not an issue, how would I love to spend my days doing? In what way can I monetize my activity/skill? I explored myself enough for what I like or don’t. Regardless of the reasoning behind it. 

So, after a long self talk, I found one thing in common throughout my life that most of  my friends and relatives always share their problems, secrets with me. They always find themselves comfortable with me. They many time complimented me that I am a good listener and a good adviser. Also, one of my colleague advised me to start writing and share my thoughts. He even advised me to become a content writer but I took it lightly. However, I was not aware that his words dropped in my subconscious mind somewhere. So, here I am……I immediately decided to start writing. Let’s see, how it works……

No matter, what may be the response of my writing, but I will continue writing post in future. I succeeded finding the real me in Me. A very nice line wrote  by Nassim Nicholas Taleb  β€œLife is about execution rather than purpose.”

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    • Neha - Reply

      Thank you for appreciating my writing! I never posted any video, I guess you are misunderstood or may be I didn’t get you. Please feel free to answer here:)

  1. Trudi - Reply

    Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

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