Importance of Numbers in our life

Numbers play an important role in our day-to-day life right from the day we are born. Like birth dates, date of deaths, martyrs’ days, dates of festivals and many more. In fact, we celebrate when something special happened in our life like date of marriage, date on which our child took first step, first day of the school etc and the list of numbers or dates keeps on increasing. Hence, the beauty of numbers keeps sprinkling in some form or the other on each of us.

How Numerology Works?

Numerology means study of numbers. It is said that numbers are invisible laws of nature and we cannot see them but they affect throughout our lives. With the help of numerology, situations of the life’s circumstances can be modified by proper rearrangements of numbers by checking your phone numbers, vehicle number, house/flat number and your name number - Proper applications of these numbers can open gates of successful future.


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