What to Expect During Your Tarot Reading?

Tarot is a great tool for guidance and it helps me to look inside my soul and ideas on what paths are available. My approach is very practical, grounded and down to earth. I will show you what paths are available for you and their consequences. It’s then up to you which path you choose. After all, you are the decision maker of your life.

I love to reach the main issue of the situation using my intuition and psychic gifts when I take a first look on the card while reading. I don’t rely on the traditional meanings of the cards. With the help my spirit guides and tarot cards, I will help you find the best option available for you.

How I Read?

Once you buy a reading, I will email you my questions that you need to answer such as your name, your partner’s name (if required), your concerns, how you want this reading to be done (chat, voice or video call) and other details. You are free to choose the way you want your reading to be done except email readings. Emails takes lot of time to write and I am not a writing person. Once I have received your reply, your reading will be done within 24 hrs or more likely to be earlier.

If you choose to do reading via chat or video calling, it will be done through Skype or Facebook. I will also send/show you pictures of the spreads that I have used while reading for you.

Book your reading as per your requirements, I have three slots of timings 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes reading. You can ask me

as many questions as you want with in your booked time frame. No follow-up questions, once your time period is over. If you have more questions, you are most welcome to book another reading.

15 Minutes

15$ Per session
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    30 Minutes

    25$ Per session
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      60 Minutes

      40$ Per session
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