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How To Do Past Life Tarot Spread

Neha Agrawal

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Have you ever been curious to know about your past lives and how they affect your present life? You may have wondered sometimes who you were in your past life? With the help of my Past Life Tarot Reading Spread you will get some clues to gain insight into the person you were what challenges you faced and how your past life is still affecting your present life.

Here is the layout for the tarot spread

Example of Past Life Tarot Reading

For this Past Life spread, we’re going to look at each and every card positions so that it becomes easy for you to intuitively read Tarot card meanings.

Card 1: Who Were You In The Past Life?

This first card in the Past Life Tarot spread represents who were you in your past life? With help of this card, you will get clues to your gender, appearance and personality traits during past life. The card’s symbolic gender, element and feeling of the card will help you indicate this.

For example: The Sun indicates that you were an optimistic male who was full of energy. You were bursting with enthusiasm and enjoying a wonderful sense of good health. People were drawn to you easily because they were capable of seeing the warm and beautiful energy which you bring into their lives.

Card 2: How was your family?

This card provides insights about your family into which you were born or about your parents.

For example: The Lovers card suggests happy and loving environment where love, respect and compassion flowed.  May be your parents had a strong bonding with each other and their relationship was based on deep love and trust. In your family, decisions were made based on emotions

Card 3: What did you do for living?

This card sheds light into your core identity during your past lifetime. It also indicates about your profession, behaviour and your likes/dislikes.

For example: The Nine of Pentacles indicates that you were wise and smart. You loved to spend time alone in the garden and decorate your house with expensive items. You had enough money and you might not even need to work or perhaps you were a wealthy business owner.

Card 4: Were you happy?

This card indicates your overall journey. The positive card indicates ‘yes’ and negative card as ‘no’ including the feelings you picked up — that the card symbolically suggests.

For example: The Seven of Wands answers this question as yes. It indicates that you took stand for yourself and overcome the challenges and obstacles with your strength and courage. People around you were jealous of you and always had a desire to take your place but still you were wise enough to keep everything in your hands by maintaining your self-confidence.

Card 5: What Challenges did you face?

This fifth card in the reading represents what major challenges that you had faced in your past life are still affecting you today, in your current life. How it is influencing your present choices, emotions and thoughts helping you understand yourself in deeper ways.

For Example: The Seven of Swords indicates to me that someone whom you may have trusted a lot betrayed you, leaving you high and dry. Since people around you were always jealous of you — they were not being candid with you. The issue apparent to me is that now you have taken appropriate measures to look out for sneaky behaviours of the people around you in this life. Now you use your intuition and gifted abilities when something does not feel right or good to you.

Card 6: How did you die?

The sixth card in the reading represents the cause of your death. I usually pick up from the symbolic illustrations from the card and also what senses me when I first see the card in that specific position.

For Example: The Five of cups in this position indicates me that the cause of the reason was emotional loss of your loved ones. May be you have lost someone very close to you or who cheated on you leaving you alone and hurt. This frustration may lead you to some kind of depression and illness.

Card 7: What lessons did you learn?

This card in this spread indicates the life lessons you learned during this existence and the direct course of action needed to resolve the conflict or resolve the matter for this life and your next lives.

For example: The Six of Pentacles refers to me that as a result of sharing your wealth and abundance with others, you learned to trust that every contribution you make is given to needed ones so that no one can take unnecessary advantage of you.

Card 8: What do you need to learn in this life?

Now that you can see the connection between your present and your past, it’s time to look at the next steps. This card gives you clues about how to move forward in your current life for best outcome.

For example: The Two of Cups signifies me that the emotional way of handling your past life crisis prepared you to grow and develop into something deep connections in your current life relationship which will reward you in the long-term


Now, I hope my spread has provided you a brief scenario about the past-life. There is so much more you can learn, and more than likely that will involve doing a regression or retrieval at some later date.

So please share in the comments what came up for you when doing this spread.


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