How to get positive feedback from your online Tarot Reading Clients?

Neha Agrawal

Tarot Card Reader & Tutor

Are you struggling to get feedback from your clients?

You do a lot of readings in Facebook Group/your Facebook page and spend hours in giving them readings, answering every question of your client so that he/she feels relax, confident and inspired and then at the end of the day you receive very little or no feedback at all.

It’s really very unfortunate and disheartening when you as a reader put your energy into a reading and all you want is feedback. While giving reading they tell you that reading is resonating with them accurately but when it comes time to give feedback on your group file or on your page they just fly away or QUITE like a doll. And the height of ignoring reaches a level when they start criticizing you, threaten you and sometimes even block you. This behavior of the clients makes you frustrated and you then decide not to give Free Reading anymore in exchange of feedbacks.

Sounds familiar?……

Benefits of getting positive feedbacks

I understand, how important it is to get spot on, awesome and excellent and amazing comments from your clients. Feedbacks help you to….

  • Know when your instincts are right or wrong.
  • Build your confidence and inspire you to do give readings like a professional.
  • Develop trust on other people in the group or your followers.
  • Give them the impression that you should be approached for a reading and are worth spending on.
  • Can be used in various other social media platforms or on your own website to attract more clients to you.
  • Increase your fan base.
  • You can become Approved Reader on Facebook group and start charging them.
  • Non-followers turn into a follower and then finally to a new client.

Honestly speaking, even I struggled to get feedbacks from my clients on my Facebook page and Facebook Groups I joined. I have been through the same situation like you are. Complaining to the admin of the group or pressuring the client to give feedback was of no use. I am sharing with you what response I got from the client when I pressured her to give feedback and this was her reply and she never returned to me.

So, in this post I am going to share with you what I did to get awesome feedbacks from my clients. I have attached the survey questions you can send to your clients right after the reading or after few months or later for the follow-up. You can download it simply by entering your details.

I am not going to give you high or advanced strategies because at this stage, we both are just trying to establish ourselves in this Tarot World. Some of us are pure beginner’s or are learning to enhance their skills so without wasting your precious time any more let’s get into some juicy tips/strategies to get awesome feedback’s with an ease.

Communicate using simple language.

I am a big fan of simple language. You see, I haven’t use any typical words or phrases in this post, that we need to google on or scratch our heads to understand with it great concentration. You are reading it in a flow and feeling very light and comfortable, right?smiley

So never use high level language or complicated words just to show that you are professional and knowledgeable. Client that has come to you, is in need of support and some vision from you. He/she doesn’t want that he use his brain too much to understand you and your language. He wants to get guidance from you and not to improve his language skills.

Avoid sugar-coating

I have noticed that client come to us just to take our test or for time-pass but this is not always the case. Sometimes, they need the reading but don’t know what to ask and how to frame the question and so they ask for a general reading or they say, “Yes, tell me what you can?”

In such case, a beginner gets bit nervous and conscious also and they just start telling goody goody things about them in a fear of losing them as a client or doubting your skills. Express them politely what you actually feel and see in your cards. Sugar-coating won’t work because we all have good and bad in us and we are aware of them.

 I know that I am straight forward and fearless person and if a Tarot Reader says me that you are very shy and fearful than I am not going to praise her as a good reader, correct? Forget about the positive feedback, in fact I will never trust her as a reader and ask her for a reading again. So never ever sugar- coat your readings, clients praise truthfulness and honesty. This gives them impression that you have got divine skills and you can be approached again. They will be happy to leave feedback for you, even if you haven’t asked.

Tell them you are always available if and when required

Many times, client comes back to us after taking one reading just to get more clarity. It’s possible, this client could be the one flew away at the time of leaving feedback on your file/page. So, how to deal with them at that time? You have two options:

1. Either ignore them

2. Or talk to them politely and answer their questions.

Now, if you choose first option, then it’s obvious no conversation, no reading and no feedback. You will lose client and feedback both.

But if you choose second option, your action will make them feel happy. This client will get happy from within and left with good impression. Once reading gets complete, tell them that they can always approach you for the reading. I bet, that client will definitely leave feedback for you this time. And when they approach you again for the reading, you can ask them to pay. I am sure they would be happy to pay you in exchange of reading.


Follow-up, is the most important according to me. When you done with the reading, do not forget to journal it. Note down every details like their name, questions asked, date and time of the reading. Follow-up them after few days to check if everything is alright with them. You can also ask them by texting or emailing survey link. You can send them text like, “Hey Alisa, how are things going on? Is my reading or suggestion helping you to deal with your situation? If you need any help or more insights please let me know.”

I’m sure, you might be thinking, “Oh my God! Who is gonna remember all those readings?” You may feel overwhelmed and think that this tip will not work for me. I understand, you cannot remember each and every reading. But you can note down or set a reminder with details for a follow-up. Remember, this time it doesn’t matter if they don’t leave feedback for you.

Many times, clients are so stressed and depressed and all they seek from us is guidance. They are not in a mood or state of mind to leave feedback for you even though you gave them relief and right direction. In such scenario, this tip will help you to gain their trust and make them realize that you do care about them. This will make them feel special. Follow-up proved to be like divine boon for me and I am damn sure you won’t regret applying it too.

You will get three benefits, first– their first point of approach will be you. Second– they will leave detailed and positive feedback. And last but not least, they soon will turn into your paid loyal client.

What next……when you get enough feedback’s

Once you have enough feedback’s, you can showcase your awesome testimonials on your facebook page/group to attract more clients. Or you can set up your own website and grow your online tarot business straight from your home.

I applied these tips, and in 5 months only I got more than 100 feedback’s in total. At present, I have more than 20 loyal paid clients who come to me twice or thrice in a month for paid readings. These strategies helped me to build my financially successful business.

If you want to know, how I did and what tools I used to grow my online tarot business. I highly recommend you to read my post grow your tarot business online.

Remember, it’s okay if you use and follow one strategy at a time and move on to the next after few months. Possible, you will find out your own new ways to deal with clients whether it is to get feedback or payment from them.

Do not forget to share with me, if you find out something innovative because I still have a long way to go. I love and appreciate your eyeballs so please share this post with others, if you find this post helpful. Feel free to email me at for feedback or any questions.

Enjoy! And I look forward to connecting with you.

Happy Reading!


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