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I’m featured as a Tarot Reader & Psychic Expert on many online psychic platforms such as Purple Ocean, Purple Garden, Ocean Psychic, Live Psychic Chat, Binnaz and Spark.Live from past many years

Tarot Reading

Many times, we are left confused as to what is the right direction or what choices should be made in those critical times – consulting Neha for Tarot guidance is the best. She will help u to know about your past, present and future using her psychic gifts. And she will also help you to understand what will be the consequences of your decisions.


Numerology is the most powerful ways to uncover deeper meaning about yourself like your overall personality, character, thought process and luck factor. Each number from one to nine has its own vibration and attraction to the opposite Numbers. So, if you want to get accurate name number numerology analysis, marriage matching solutions, suggestions and guidelines for business partnership, suggestion for your child name than approach the Numerology Expert Neha Agrawal in Agra.



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        Meet Me Page

        Hi, I am Neha, the founder of Tarot Instincts. I am an intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Psychic Clairvoyant & Numerologist. I am the first generation intuitive and the only one in my family to have received this spiritual gift. I also work and connect with Angels for the guidance and assistance given to serve people based on their problems such as business issues, relationship issues, family issues or any area of your life.

        I have a practical and approachable style to read tarot so when you come to me with issues to be solved, I offer you a solution.

        My mantra is to guide and assists people in their problem areas to make their lives easier and more positive. I am happy to share all my knowledge and resources in order to empower and help you to make the best choice for you

        My Story?

        My spiritual journey began at the age of 20. I developed a natural interest in tarot reading after reading a short article on ‘tarot’ in our local newspaper. I discussed my interest in it with my father and he gifted me my first Tarot deck on my birthday in the year 2000. Along the way, I started to notice that the cards were scaringly accurate. That’s when I decided to dive head-first into Tarot and after rigorous meditation and practice I began practicing on my other psychic abilities such as Channeling with Angels, Angelic Numbers, giving Psychic Readings using my Clairvoyance and Vedic Numerology professionally.